Drumming 101 with Miguel – 6/8 over 4/4 Afro Cuban Beat!

I am excited to share a fun and challenging Afro Cuban beat with you this week.  As you work on this drum set groove, be sure to take it nice and slow.  Practice with a metronome and be sure to understand the relationship between each limb and how they all work together.  Each limb is playing a relatively simple beat.  However, when all four are combined together things start to get interesting.  Learn what each limb is doing independantly, then slowly add another limb.  Continue this process until you have all four limbs playing at once.  I recommend learning the groove in the same order as I present it to you in the video.

1st.) Hi-Hat and Bass Drum

2nd.) Right Hand Rhythm

3rd.) Left Hand Rhythm

Don’t be afraid to play around with this beat after you have learned it.  I recommend that you practice playing the Afro Cuban groove and transitioning to another groove like a straight ahead jazz groove or even a rock beat.  It’s very important that you learn to be musical with everything that we learn and to find ways to apply these grooves to realistic musical settings.


I hope you enjoy the video and I wish you all the best on your musical endeavors!

Miguel Monroy