Great website for Drum Set and Percussion Product Reviews!

One very important goal of is to provide as many resources for drummers and percussionists across the world as possible.  We try and accomplish this by not only providing our own instructional videos, interviews, products reviews and more, but to point you to some of the other great resources that are available to us all.  You can visit our Resources Page to view a list of many of the great resources available.

As drummers who are constantly refining our craft, we should always approach drumming as students and never just the teacher.  We should always try and be aware of the latest contributions to drumming education and drumming gear!  For those of you who are interested in learning about some of the latest drumming gear I highly recommend that you add Drum Gear Review to your list of websites to check out.  Drum Gear Review always has insightful reviews of their products (often for Drum Magazine) and usually has a video as well.

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Miguel Monroy