Summer NAMM 2012


The 2012 Summer NAMM convention was accompanied by many new manufacturers and products.  Among the new companies that graced the exhibit halls was Nu Design, along with their intriguing and addictive new instrument… the AlphaSphere.  According their their website, the AlphaSphere is a brand new musical instrument which has been designed for electronic music.  The allure of the AlphaSphere comes as it provides a new way to interact with the music making process and as it allows you to be expressive with music through a series of tactile pressure sensitive pads.  In our exclusive video with the creator of the AlphaSphere at Summer NAMM 2012 we get an in-depth look at the look, sound, and functionality of this creative new instrument.

For more information on the AlphaSphere you can visit their website:

Aquarian Drumheads

The 2012 Summer NAMM convention was a great opportunity for Aquarian to display their new technology in the hybrid inHead and onHead.  The inHead provides both an acoustic and electric drum head from the same playing surface while the onHead provides a convenient and simple way to turn any acoustic drum set into an electric one by simply placing the onHead pads onto the existing drum heads.  In our exclusive video, an Aquarian product specialist walks us through the new technology and gives us an in-depth look at these two new options from Aquarian Drumheads.

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BOSO Drumsticks

BOSO Drumsticks displayed an array of Bamboo drumstick options at the 2012 Summer NAMM show that shattered many people’s expectations that size is equivalent to weight.  This unique and forward thinking manufacturer offeres not only a new “Green” option for drummers to consider when choosing sticks, but they also offer three different weights for most drumstick sizes.  BOSO utilizes Bamboo in a variety of ways to achieve different weights for each stick, regardless of the size.  For example, I held a marching stick that felt as light as a 7A, and I held a 7A that was as heavy as a typical marching stick.  They also have sticks that combine multiple layers of compressed Bamboo to achieve the typical weight of a standard Hickory drumstick.  Watch our video with BOSO Director of National Sales & Artist Relations, David Violi as he walks us through the many options available by BOSO Drumsticks.

For more information on BOSO Drumsticks you can visit their website here:

Crush Drums & Percussion

The crush booth from the 2012 Summer NAMM show was among the highlights of the convention.  Crush Drums & Percussion C.E.O, Terry Platt was more than happy to walk us through what makes their products different from the rest.  Terry shared a brief history of how the company started with a desire to ask the drumming community what it is that would take their equipment to the next level, and he showed how they incorporate that feedback into every drum they make.  Crush featured multiple drum sets with breathtaking finishes along with an assortment of custom snare drums to meet every drummers need.

For more information on Crush Drums & Percussion you can visit their website here:


CymLoc displayed their new quick release mounting system at the 2012 Summer NAMM convention.  According to their website…

CymLoc™ refines the cymbal mounting process not only by eliminating the wing nut, but by dissolving the set-up/teardown process into a SingleMotion™.  Once the device is attached to your cymbal and the converter shaft to your cymbal stand, they remain fixed and enable you to ‘drop-lock’ then pull off cymbals in a matter of seconds, as many times as you like without fear of damaging your cymbal or losing parts.  When storing your cymbals, a foam “spacer” fills the space between the two cymbals ensuring that both your cymbals and the device remain untouched and protected.

For more information on CymLoc you can visit their website here:


ddrum showed off several of their great looking and sounding drumsets this year at the 2012 Summer NAMM convention.  Watch our exclusive video as ddrum Regional Sales Manager Chaz Winzernread walks us through the latest from ddrum.

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Dixon Drums

Dixon Drums displayed the full depth of their drum and hardware lines during the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  Product Manager, Jim Uding walked us through the latest innovations from their company including their drum set lines, hardware options, custom snare drums and more.  Among the highlights were their Artisan Snare Drums.  The Artisan snare line included three beautiful Chris Brady snare drums and a Hybrid snare that included a wooden shell with a metal insert.  Dixon also showcased drum sets from their Spark, Fuse, Blaze, and Artisan series.  Last but not least was some new accessories in the Inventor Series, which included a magnetic drop clutch.  For an in-depth look at these products and more be sure to watch our exclusive video below.

For more information on Dixon Drums you can visit their website here:

DrumMax Custom Drums

It truly was a pleasure to meet Leonardo Baroncini, Chief Drum Geek from DrumMax Custom Drums.  As you will see from our exclusive video from their booth at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show, the sky is the limit with this company, and if you are looking for custom drums and hardware… this may be the right choice for you.  DrumMax offers the ability to provide custom paint and finishes on nearly any time of wood that you can imagine.  In addition to the custom aesthetics of the drum, they have to ability to provide shells to your exact specifications as well.  The 50 ply maple shell on display with a custom paint job was certain appealing to most onlookers that past by, as well as the spiked hardware on the shells of the drum set on display.  Be sure to watch our video as Leonardo walks us through the highlights of their products and services.

For more information about DrumMax Custom Drums you can visit their website here:


Drumnetics showcased their innovative magnetically driven bass drum pedals at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  Drumnetics owner, Michael Van Dyk walks us through their pedal technology and gives us an exclusive look at their pedals in our video from the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.

The Kelly Shu

Jeffery Kelly, President of Kelly Concepts and inventor of The Kelly Shu, showcased his isolation and shock mount system at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  His internal mounting system for microphones allows a mic to be placed at nearly any desired location within the bass drum.  The system is offered in several different options, including a flat mount.  The different options ensure that consumers can find the mount that works with what ever kind of microphone that they would like to use.

For more information on The Kelly Shu you can visit their website here:

Mighty Bright

Dustin Cheatham, Account Specialist for Mighty Bright, was more than happy to give an exclusive tour of their products during the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  Some of the highlights of their products include a wide range of music stand lights that can both function with out a power cord and come in multiple widths to best suit your needs.  Their lights can also come in different colors to suit different applications such as the performer on stage or the sound engineer in the back.

For more information about Mighty Bright you can visit their website here:

Miktek showed some of their high quality drum microphones and microphone kits during the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  President of Miktek, Michael Ketchell walked us through their latest and most trusted mics on a drumset including the PM11 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic and the PM10 Snare/Tom Mic.  In addition to the individual microphones we got and in-depth look at two microphone kit offerings from Miktek which both included their quickly installed mic clamps and one of which included a nice pair of condenser mics too.

For more information about Miktek you can visit their website here:

Power Wrist Builders

The people at Power Wrist Builders gave us a first hand look at the different optionss available in their line of performance building sticks.  Their unique system allows users to choose how heavy of a stick they want to practice with.  The smallest one is approximately twice the weight of a standard drumstick, while the biggest rings in at 2 pounds per stick!

For more information about Power Wrist Builders you can visit their website

Prentice Practice Pads

Prentice Practice Pads showcased their multi-directional offerings during the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  What does multi-directional pad offerings even mean?  Basically, each Prentice Practice Pad is comprised of two sections, an upper and a lower.  Because of its unique design, the user can adjust the direction/angle of the top pad to best suit their playing style, technique, etc.  Custom stands are also offered for the practice pads that can accommodate anywhere from one to four pads on the same stand, allowing them to be quite functional and practical for smaller rehearsal spaces or group practices in schools or music stores.

For more information on Prentice Practice Pads you can visit their website here:

Remo X14 Drumheads

Remo showcased their new X14 drumhead which is constructed with a coated single-ply of 14-mil Mylar® for Xtreme single ply durability.  According to Remo, the X14 is the most durable single-ply drumhead on the planet.

For more information about Remo you can visit their website here:





Sabian had a large display of cymbals to showcase at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  Their main display showed all of the new prototype cymbals that would be apart of their 2013 Cymbal Vote.  In our exclusive video we get a private tour of these new cymbals and a look at the latest innovations from Sabian.

For more information on Sabian Cymbals you can visit their website here:

Sleishman Drums

Sleishman Drums unleashed a performance by owner David Sleishman himself, and delivered an array of their free-floating drums during the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  In addition to their unique drums, which use shells with absolutely no holes in them, Sleishman showed off their one of a kind double bass pedal which boasts a completely even and symmetrical design with no slave pedal.  In our exclusive video, owner David Sleishman walks us through their product line and talks about all that is available through their sound driven innovations.

For more information on Sleishman Drums you can visit their website here:


So Cal Drums

So Cal Drums had a nice display of their custom drums at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show, which are made of stave shells.  In our exclusive video, Owner Tim Phillips talks to us about the products and services offered through So Cal Drums.

Fore more information about So Cal Drums you can visit their website here:

Tru Tuner

Among the new innovations throughout the 2012 Summer NAMM Show was the Tru Tuner tuning system.  The Tru Tuner allows the user to tighten or loosen all of the lugs on your drum at one time.  In our exclusive video we get to see the Tru Tuner in action and see the speed and convenience right before our eyes.

For more information on the Tru Tuner you can visit their website here:

Xcel Drumsticks

Xcel Drumsticks displayed their multitude of sticks options during the 2012 Summer NAMM Show.  Their stick line includes Xcel Drumsticks, Xcel Speedsticks, and Xcel Powersticks.  In our exclusive video from Summer NAMM we get an up-close look at the differences between their stick models and what the benefits are to each one.

For more information on Xcel Drumsticks you can visit their website here:


2012 World’s Fastest Drummer Finals – “Battle of the Hands” & “Battle of the Feet”

The highly charged interactive phenomenon Worlds Fastest Drummer competition completed WFD’s twelfth outing as a featured attraction at NAMM Summer Session 2012 in Nashville, TN. The contest consisted of two categories, Battle of the Hands™ and Battle of the Feet™. The Preliminary Heats were held July 12th-14th. Included in the event were technical demonstrations, insight sessions, and appearances by WFD Champions and World Record Holders Matt Smith and Eric Okamoto.

The top ten Fastest Hands and top ten Fastest Feet then stepped into battle at WFD World Finals, on Saturday, July 14th. The event was open to the public as a feature attraction for NAMM’s Public Day! The event was received by a packed audience who cheered wildly for the entire competition. Also appearing was musical director Chris Patterson, aka Krushar, and the ever beautiful and talented Miss WFD 2012 Jennifer Seay of West Virginia.

The Battle of the Feet winner was ‘Vital Remains’ drummer Jack Blackburn of Houston, TX with a score of 870 Singles, followed by second place Tim Phillips of Yucaipa, CA (836), and third place Leonardo Baroncini of Indianapolis (810). The Battle of the Hands winner was 23-year-old Daniel Rice of Fort Smith, AR with a very respectable 1005 Singles in 60 seconds. Luis Rodriguez of Dallas placed second (952), while Nick Stefano of Wantage, N.J. placed third (931).

Dan Laskowski, who traveled with his wife Brigitte from Canada and placed 4th for fastest feet (763) added, “Since I began 10 years ago, it has changed my life!”

WFD Champ Eric Okamoto set a new World Record for double paradiddles of 1198 in 60 seconds! Other WFD records held by Eric include 1744 in double strokes and 1279 in paradiddles.

“This year’s Finals were packed out with excited fans! It was great to see Jack Blackburn of Vital Remains take Battle of the Feet. His predecessor Tim ‘the Missile’ Yeung of VR took the Feet honors back in 2006. Man! I can’t say enough about Daniel Rice; this was Daniel’s 3rd attempt at WFD! Many may not know this, but besides being a WFD Champ Daniel also has a full scholarship to Duke University Law School!”- said Boo McAfee, creator of WFD.

Over $12,000 in prizes were provided by Pearl, Sabian, Remo, Axis, Vic Firth, Power Wrist Builders, Modern Drummer, Alfred Publishing, BOSO and Drumometer. Grand Prizes included 2 PEARL Vision Kits, fully loaded with SABIAN Cymbals, a 1 year supply of Vic Firth drumsticks with the winner’s name on them, 100 REMO heads, AXIS double Pedal, Instruction books by Alfred, ‘World bragging rights’ and much more!

For more on WFD and upcoming events please visit

World’s Fastest Drummer Promo Video

2012 World’s Fastest Drummer Finals – Battle of the Feet

2012 World’s Fastest Drummer Finals – Battle of the Hands