New Theory Pages!

What’s up with all the theory pages right?

Well image this… a world filled with well-rounded drummers and percussionists that are able to contribute more than just grooves and rhythm to the creative process of music.  I once had the privilege to interview Rich Redmond for  He had a great point that professional drummers should be very aware of.  As session drummers, you only gets paid one time when you record a drum track for a number one hit.  However, if you help write the number one hit, it’s a much better story entirely! With that idea in mind, along with the desire to help musicians become well-rounded and equipped for any musical situation, we proudly offer free resources on some of the fundamental rules that musicians rely on to create music.  We hope this can be a great resource to the world and we wish you all the best on your musical endeavors!

Blues Scales

Pentatonic Scales