PASIC 2011 – Exhibitor Videos, pt.1

Gretsch Drums

PASIC 2011 was a great opportunity to check out the latest from Gretsch Drums.  Both Product Manager John Palmer, and Product Specialist Joe Mazza were on hand from Gretsch Drums and more than happy to give a private showcase of their latest products including the new Brooklyn Series, Renown Series, and Catalina Maple Series.  Be sure to visit their website at for more information on their products.




Remo NSL Drums

Remo had a very nice interactive booth this year that featured their line of NSL Drums (Not So Loud Drums).  Product Manager Chalo Eduardo walks through each of the NSL instruments so we can have a first hand look at the many instruments made in this series from Remo.  For more information on Remo and their products visit




Tama Marching

Tama debuted a brand new line of marching drums and hardware this year at PASIC.  Product Specialist Roger Carter gives us a very detailed look at some of the new innovations and craftsmanship that Tama is bringing to the table.   For detailed product info and much more information visit




PASIC 2011 brought people from all over the world to showcase their products, and in this case a brand new percussion instrument called the Aluphone.  Kai Stensgard, founder of Aluphone, introduces to his brand new instruments and demonstrates many of them for us.  For more information on Kai Stensgard and his new percussion instruments visit