PASIC 2011

PASIC Exhibitor Showcase

I said it once and I’ll say it again… it was such a pleasure to be at PASIC this year! This is a video we made to give everyone just a brief overview of what you would find in the expo center during PASIC 2011.

Gretsch Drums

PASIC 2011 was a great opportunity to check out the latest from Gretsch Drums.  Both Product Manager John Palmer, and Product Specialist Joe Mazza were on hand from Gretsch Drums and more than happy to give a private showcase of their latest products including the new Brooklyn Series, Renown Series, and Catalina Maple Series.  Be sure to visit their website at for more information on their products.

Tama Marching

Tama debuted a brand new line of marching drums and hardware this year at PASIC.  Product Specialist Roger Carter gives us a very detailed look at some of the new innovations and craftsmanship that Tama is bringing to the table.   For detailed product info and much more information visit

Remo NSL Drums (Not So Loud Drums)

Remo had a very nice interactive booth this year that featured their line of NSL Drums (Not So Loud Drums).  Product Manager Chalo Eduardo walks through each of the NSL instruments so we can have a first hand look at the many instruments made in this series from Remo.  For more information on Remo and their products visit

Sabian SR2 Cymbals

Sabian had a nice display featuring their SR2 line of refurbished cymbals.  Sabian Director of Education Nick Petrella plays several of the cymbals for us and gives us a great overview of the different cymbals in this series.  For more information on Sabian SR2 Cymbals visit

Samson Technologies

Samson Technologies had a very cool booth featuring several of their portable recorders and mixers such as the Zoom H1, Zoom H2N, Zoom H4N, and the Zoom R24. For more information on Samson Technologies Zoom series visit

Professional Percussion Products

Professional Percussion Products talks to about their private show room and high-end percussion products.  For more information about Professional Percussion Products


PASIC 2011 brought people from all over the world to showcase their products, and in this case a brand new percussion instrument called the Aluphone.  Kai Stensgard, founder of Aluphone, introduces to his brand new instruments and demonstrates many of them for us.  For more information on Kai Stensgard and his new percussion instruments visit

Crash ‘N Flash

Crash ‘N Flash inventor Bob Poels gives us an in depth look at his drummer activated lighting system which is mounted underneath crash cymbals.  For more information on Crash ‘N Flash visit

Ficalora Music Productions – “How to write a fast and easy drum chart”

Liz Ficalora discusses her book “How to write a fast and easy drum chart.”  For more information on Liz and her book visit

This World Music

Founder/Director of This World Music Jeremy Cohen talks about opportunities to learn West African Drumming in Ghana, Africa.  For more information on This World Music visit

Encore Mallets

Founder of Encore Mallets Dan Lidster discusses the birth of his company and what makes Encore Mallets so unique.  for more information on Encore Mallets visit

Colla Voce Music

Colla Voce Music discusses their large catalog of classic percussion music and its’ strong ties to the Percussive Arts Society.  For more information on Colla Voce Music visit

The rooms were packed with people excited for clinics and master classes with some of today’s top drummers like Keith Carlock and Simon Phillips.

Keith Carlock Drum Set

Keith Carlock

Keith Carlock

Simon Phillips Drum Set

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

Much of my time at PASIC this year was also spent making new friends, and catching up with some old ones.

Miguel Monroy & Vic Firth

Miguel Monroy & Steve Houghton


Joe McCarthy, Miguel Monroy, and John Riley


Miguel Monroy & Allen Herman

Miguel Monroy & Rich Redmond

Miguel Monroy & Lerryns Hernández Medina

Keith Carlock & Miguel Monroy

Miguel Monroy & Jim Riley


Miguel Monroy & Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez

Miguel Monroy & Florian Alexandru-Zorn

Peter Erskine

Ed Soph

Claus Hesler & Miguel Monroy

Matt Greenwood & Miguel Monroy

Miguel Monroy & Terry O’Mahoney

Dr. Greg Byrne & Miguel Monroy