Drumming 101 with Miguel – Practice Methods For Drum Set, Part 2

If you take a look back at some of history’s most influential drummers, you’ll find that many of them brought something new to the table that wasn’t there before.  Drummers such as Stuart Copeland (The Police) and Carter Beauford (The Dave Matthews Band) are great examples of people that combined rhythms and grooves from several genres of music such as Reggae, Latin and Jazz to their own style, thus making something fresh and new.  It is from generations of people before us that we can see the importance of studying as many genres of music as possible.  Through studying genres outside of our comfort zone we only equip ourselves to become even more prepared for the next musical exploration.  As I am inspired by music from around the world, I hope you all find time to explore new styles and genres that can inspire you as well.

To help better equip my students and my LouisvilleDrummer.com viewers this next set of exercises will help to develop independence and chops through jazz exercises.  I hope you enjoy!

To get started you must first learn the basic jazz groove between the ride and the hi-hat.


Everything that we add from here on out will be played while maintaining the jazz groove with the ride and the hi-hat.

Exercise 1 – The first thing you will do is become comfortable playing quarter notes while keeping the jazz groove going.

Exercise 2 – Now we will learn to play the “&” of every beat using the same practice method.


Exercise 3 – Now we will combine the first two exercises and learn to play two eighth notes on every beat of the measure.


Exercise 4 – Last we will learn to play triplets.  For this exercise we will learn to play the 2nd and 3rd notes of the triplets for every beat.


With all of these exercises I would recommend practicing them at all tempos and volumes.

Be sure to review “Practice Methods For Drum Set, Part 1” to remember what things to look for as you practice.  This includes things such as posture, technique, note consistency and more.

You can also watch the latest episode of “Drumming 101 with Miguel” for an in depth look at everything that this article covers.

I hope you all enjoyed these exercises and I wish you all the best on your musical endeavors!!!