Product Review – Tama 5″ x 14″ Kenny Aronoff Signature Snare Drum


Signature Series
Kenny Aronoff
5” x 14” Trackmaster

Pros: Beautiful design, warmer sound from brass shell, aggressive attack, wide tuning range makes drum very versatile.

Cons: Sustain and metal overtones of drum may require external muffling device when playing live or recording (Only a con for some people).  First generation snare release is prone to break and strip.


Tama’s 5” x 14” Trackmaster has both design and sound worthy of recognition.  The solid brass, black nickel plated, hand engraved shell delivers a beautiful appearance and an aggressive attack that maintains its depth and body when tuned high or low.  The wide tuning range of the snare drum makes it a valuable asset when playing numerous styles of music. Additionally, the brass shell provides more warmth than a conventional steel shell.

During the testing process I found the snare to be very responsive and dynamic, from the softest touch to the loudest rim shot.  Depending on how you have the drum tuned, there can be a substantial amount of sustain and metal overtones (which some prefer).  The snare does not come equipped with an internal muffling system to dampen the overtones, so an external muffling devise may be needed when playing live or recording.  The  first generation snare release is functional, yet appears to be less rugged and durable as the rest of the drum. However, the latest model of this drum has an upgraded snare release that meets the standard we are looking for.


The combination of warmth, aggressiveness, and versatility of the drum as a whole makes this a great well rounded snare drum, capable of delivering for nearly any musical situation.

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