Summer NAMM – BOSO Bamboo Drumsticks

BOSO Drumsticks displayed an array of Bamboo drumstick options at the 2012 Summer NAMM show that shattered many people’s expectations that size is equivalent to weight.  This unique and forward thinking manufacturer offeres not only a new “Green” option for drummers to consider when choosing sticks, but they also offer three different weights for most drumstick sizes.  BOSO utilizes Bamboo in a variety of ways to achieve different weights for each stick, regardless of the size.  For example, I held a marching stick that felt as light as a 7A, and I held a 7A that was as heavy as a typical marching stick.  They also have sticks that combine multiple layers of compressed Bamboo to achieve the typical weight of a standard Hickory drumstick.  Watch our video with BOSO Director of National Sales & Artist Relations, David Violi as he walks us through the many options available by BOSO Drumsticks.

For more information on BOSO Drumsticks you can visit their website here: